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District Technology Property Responsibility Acceptance Agreement

Calhoun County School System
District Technology Property Checkout Agreement

While the primary purpose of the Calhoun County School System technology equipment is for use on site during the instructional/work day, there are times when it is appropriate for staff to check out equipment to be used for educational purposes beyond the work day and outside of the work environment. All staff members will be required to sign this form before technology equipment can be taken to a location other than a district facility. Staff members must sign for all technology equipment at the beginning of each school year. Should equipment be updated or new equipment added during the year, this agreement will cover such equipment. This agreement covers, but is not limited to, items such as the following:
  • Calculators
  • Probeware
  • Projection Devices
  • Scanning Devices
  • Camera Devices
  • Printing Devices
  • Computing Devices (including hand-held devices)
Technology Peripherals (cords, remotes, cables, etc.)

By completing and signing this form, we acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. All use of the District’s technology equipment, will be for educational purposes. For employees this includes attending professional workshops, conferences or meetings.  At no time will the equipment be used for personal, commercial or business use, or for political or religious reasons. 

2.To abide by the provisions of School Board Policy (computer/internet user policy.)  With respect to computers, this includes no unlawful copying/distributing of software or documentation provided with the computer and no use of the computer to unlawfully copy any software.

3.To make no unauthorized changes to the equipment’s configurations.  For computers, this means no adding, removing, or adjusting any computer software or hardware.

4.To use ordinary care and diligence in protecting, safeguarding, and supervising use of the equipment and returning it to the District in the same condition it was in prior to checkout, excluding normal wear and tear, and to assume liability for any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment while in my care. 

5.To have, if a student, a parent/guardian sign for responsibilities of the equipment while it is in my possession.

6.To participate in training in the use and care of technical equipment as provided by the appropriate school or District staff member prior to checking out the equipment.

7.To return the technology equipment to school or my work place for use as required by the teacher or administrator.

8.To return the technology equipment:

                a.On or before the due date on this agreement;

                b.Prior to the due date if requested by the authorizing supervisor/department head;

                c.When resigning or otherwise terminating employment with the District; and/ or

                d.In the same condition the item was in at the time of check out.